Being on dialysis does not mean you cannot travel, for holidays, to see family and friends or for work, but it does present some challenges.

You will need access to specialist equipment, may need to work with skilled healthcare staff and usually need to make frequent visits to a hospital or clinic.

At Diaverum, we believe in enabling our patients to live fulfilling lives, which is why we developed d.HOLIDAY, a travel dialysis programme that  helps connect you to high quality renal care across our worldwide network of 469 clinics. 

Wherever you are travelling, d.HOLIDAY will support you and your travel partner at every step of the journey, from defining an itinerary to ensuring continuity of your care at destination. 

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We are present in 24 countries, with 14,000 staff worldwide treating 40,000 patients through 6.3 million treatments every year. We can assure you that you will be in the best possible hands while you let your dreams of adventure run free

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Thinking of travelling while on a transplant list?

Our d.HOLIDAY Fly Back Programme funds safe and fast returns home for patients who receive their transplant call whilst travelling within Europe.

Visit the d.HOLIDAY website to discover more!

Filipe - Diaverum brand ambassador

A dialysis patient and world traveller

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